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Navigating in Woods
People walking together in forest

Individual Therapy

Using a collaborative approach we will plan goals and objectives to meet your needs.

We treat children and adults, ages 3 and up with Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Behavioral Issues, SUDs, Pornography Concerns, Religious Trauma, Depression, OCD, Concerning Eating Patterns, Self Harm, Suicidal Ideation, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorders, Troubles with Self Esteem...

Couples Therapy

$120/Session - Self Pay
(Some Insurance Plans Accepted)

We will identify beliefs about relationships, goals for the relationship, and focus on problematic communication patterns inhibiting pursuit of those goals.

Common Issues Include: Conflict Resolution, Communication, Increasing Understanding of Each Other, and Rebuilding the Fondness and Admiration System

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